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Where did the universe come from?

I chatted with Reason with Science about all kinds of things cosmological!

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David Smith
David Smith
Jul 03, 2023

Oh you took twenty years of spectral emissions from 190 quasars and found ticking clocks, did you? And they confirm time dilation and save the big bang debunked garbage that neither Einstein or Hubble believed to be the case, eh? More lies to feed the monster before JWST kills it off. You're a fraud.


Emc2 shows recycling in single plank length interacting with dowker/ smolin time. Suskin all plank length must become blackhole at some. time. Suskin holographic, event horizon is always now. Dowker verified. Feynman says time back and forth to make now, see his diagram.

The )w( , the w top is dowker time direction.

Shows why polarity or spin happens. Because it's the event horizon.

Photon is that thing thats splitting the event horizon, it feels no time.

Always a before or after it.

Single plank length, settled, bends to Mexican hat, ruler is born, length width, time changes if single photon/energy in dot isn't perfect. Makes dowker time. Gives strings. Strings are balls of twine on both sides of Feynman…

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