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Vice Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Research

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Speaks for itself :) Very pleased to be recognised by my colleagues and the university.

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Steven Evans
Steven Evans
28 nov. 2020

"has authored two popular science books with Cambridge University Press"

Which are full of schoolboy errors and even outright lies.

When are you going to be honest and admit there is no empirical evidence at all for universal fine-tuning or the multiverse; and that "God" is not a physical concept, but a character in an Iron Age fairy tale (topics from "A Fortunate Universe" - even the title is pure speculation)?

And in your second book you claim the Big Bang Theory might be overthrown, a nonsensical claim oh-so-coincidentally aligned, like those of the first book, with the mentally deluded superstitions of Luke Barnes and the Templeton Foundation, the organisation that funded these books.

In empirical fact, the "Big Bang…

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