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Discovery of the Dulais Stream

Late in 2022 (seems like so long ago) I discovered a new stream of stars in the Andromeda Galaxy. This structure, which we detect in the properties of the population of globular clusters, is imposed on the inner regions of the large spiral galaxy. Its motion seems to link it to the larger-scale population of globular clusters orbiting Andromeda, which suggests that it is part of a recent accretion event. I recently spoke about this structure at a conference in Europe and was pleased to find that others are finding substructure in the inner regions of Andromeda indicating that it is a complex object. My favourite part of this research journey was that the first hints of something strange came from the work of honours students!

Here's the paper. And here's the USyd press release. The story found its way around the world, with some examples here, here, and here.

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